Objective 3 of the BDP Working Group International Markets for the Russian Federation

Improvement of the procedure to import trial seeds for breeding purposes and private variety trials


Before varieties are entered into the official registration trials they are tested in private variety trials to find if their performance is sufficient compared to registered varieties in the region. In the breeding process foreign material is imported to be crossed with local varieties to achieve breeding progress.

For these purposes relatively small quantities of seeds of not registered varieties a frequently moved across national boarders by breeding companies. Suitable provisions in seed legislation are necessary to enable the creation and registration of innovative varieties.

Present situation in the Russian Federation

The order of the Agricultural Ministry of the Russian Federation number 13 of 26th May 1997 deals with the import of trial seeds into the Russian Federation. However, by this order only registered breeding institutes are allowed to import seeds of not registered varieties. Private breeding companies cannot use this provision if they do not have their own breeding institute or cooperate with an existing institute.

Russian breeding institutes developed varieties and are competitors of the private breeding companies. It is not acceptable for breeding companies to give seeds of unprotected varieties into the hands of competitors and to enable competitors to gain knowledge about the seed companies' operations and trials. Not all private seed companies are able to register their own breeding institute.

Positions to be communicated

BDP asks for suitable provisions to be introduced into Russian seed legislation that enable private seed companies to import trial seeds for breeding purposes and for private variety trials into the Russian Federation.

This provision will accelerate breeding progress to the benefit of Russian agriculture. Russian breeding institute will also profit because they can use the improved foreign varieties on the Russian market for their own breeding activities.

Lobbying partners

Main lobbying partner will be the National Union of Breeders and Seed. If German breeders are members of this association it will be helpful for our cause. Sergey Platonov is asked to investigate in the possibility and conditions of a membership of German breeders in the Union.

Next steps

With the help of the breeders' association the Agricultural Ministry of the Russian Federation can be approached directly as this is mainly a technical issue. Lobbying activities can be organised as a follow up on the letter of Dr. Kirchberg, chairman of the Working Group Agriculture in the Committee of Eastern European Affairs, to Vice Minister Petrikov of 2nd July 2013 on this problem.

The research department of the Russian ministry of agriculture is in charge of the issue of import of trial seeds and should be consulted.

21st August 2013

Dieter Rücker